Learning and Development

In the past, through assessment work, I  have helped with a tremendous variety of learning and behavioural issues and written about many of the issues children and adults face such as new siblings, sibling rivalry; relationships; holidays and festivals; loss and bereavement, achievement; media involvement; healthy eating and obesity; sleep issues; and alcohol and drugs. School issues have included starting/changing/leaving school; home-school collaboration; exams; behavioural difficulties; and expulsions.  In addition a lot of my previous assessment work related to specific learning difficulties include dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and attention issues. I have also focused on key areas affecting school life such as attendance, friendships, bullying, shyness, relationships and sex education. I have supported people with social communication difficulties, lifestyle management, Higher Education choices, workplace and home conflict and communication management.  Writing on all these and other topics continues and you can get a taste of this from my blog or various publications to which I have contributed.