The Age of Relationship?

According to recorded history, humanity has made significant developmental strides that the historians claim can be defined in time and by thematic content. For example, in the Middle Ages the importance of culture, arts, science and learning came to the fore as The Renaissance when artists like Leonardo da Vinci and scientists such as Galileo were making their remarkable contributions.

From 1650 until the 1780’s there was the Enlightenment in which intellectual and rational individualism gave rise to the American and French revolutions that challenged existing religious and political orders. Then there was the Scientific Revolution (1640 – 18th Century), the agrarian revolution, the industrial revolution, the two world wars of the twentieth century, the Space age starting in 1957 and the Information Age from 1971 onwards.

Undoubtedly humanity has made many leaps, mainly due to its determination and capacity to develop thought and thinking, communication and collectivity. But what will come next? Is it possible that reason, technology and politics may give way to other equally important aspects of human life? Might the last year of social disconnection, solitary pursuits and isolation serve to remind us of our core need to be with other people and the deep and profound importance of human relationship? I can only hope.


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